There’s only so many hours I can keep myself busy and at the end of the day it’s surprising at how alone I feel. I look through my phone full of numerous numbers that I could be texting or calling, yet I see nothing. Being my own companion for once is an experience I’m not used to anymore and it isn’t a bad thing, it’ll just take some time to readjust.

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Baaaaby I’ve been missing those days, If you want to come and find me look on memory laaaaane

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Two things that keep replaying in my head.
"If he really loved you, do you think he’d be okay with not being friends?" 
"Don’t tell yourself that you strictly aren’t going to have a relationship at the time, you might miss out on someone good."

In a non conceited way, I love compliments. 1) I love receiving compliments, it really does make my day even if it’s about something really lame. 2) I think about the “heck yeah!!” feeling when I get a compliment and how I’m probably making someone feel that heck yeah too.

Thinking about how calm my life is right now is such a weird feeling. Sure, it’s a little messy, but compared to how it was a few months ago I never would’ve thought this was possible. Of course I miss a certain someone (lol) but I’ve finally realized that I need to stop trying to be somewhere where I’m not wanted (even if they are a little confusing). Also, I still have quite a few bad dreams, waking up and double checking because it always seems so vivid in my mind. Otherwise things are going so good, it’s amazing how such small factors can make up for my lack of “good” in the past.